Global Creative Direction
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Fire TV

We showed people how Alexa makes entertainment better and turned Fire TV into the most popular streaming media player in the process.

Watch What You Want


We created a campaign centered around one universal human truth - the person with the remote has the control. And, if you can make that remote work with just your voice? Then you've got all the power. 


The campaign continued with :15 second spots featuring different shows and recommendations. Individual vignettes were turned into show-specific videos we placed in social media carousels to bring customers into the conversation.


Can Your TV Do That?


As people grew to understand the power of Alexa, we evolved the campaign by creating a variety of show-specific product demonstrations. These spots, written to run in highly-contextual media adjacencies, show customers just how much better watching their favorite shows and movies could be with a Fire TV. With 50 spots in three countries, we've changed people's expectations of TV.