Global Creative Direction
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Logo TV

For its 10th anniversary, we gave Logo a new look that put the modern back in midcentury design. 


We set out to create a look that was as stylish and sophisticated as our audience.  The new design takes cues from mid-century modern design but puts a contemporary spin on the classic. The result is a simple, sophisticated, and clean design that feels elevated and puts the talent front and center.  By creating a system around a few key ingredients, we delivered a diverse but unified brand. And of course, we left plenty of room for wit, humor and just a bit of sass. 


The Logomark




The scripted logotype acts as a signature, lending a personal touch to the brand that complements the spare, mid-century inspired look of the package. The new tagline and colorful dot are always an accent, adding a pop of personality. 



Typography is as equally important to the design's personality as the photography and color palette. Eames Century Modern is charming as the display while Din balances the package with stark geometry. 



A library of glyphs provide commentary by serving as patterns and often quite literally  punctuating key moments in promo and package messaging. 




A diverse color family that gave our system the flexibility to represent all the gravitas of Logo's hard-hitting documentaries as well as the candy covered world of Rupaul's Drag Race. Colors can be mixed, reduced and expanded and was designed to grow with the brand.